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Breastfeeding with Bravado DVD

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About this product
It’s funny: there’s this notion that once baby is born, that breastfeeding will be natural and totally effortless. And while it is natural, it’s also learned – just like anything else that you’re doing for the first time. And while it can be effortless, there can also be challenges. And in this case, you and your baby are BOTH doing it for the first time, together.

In this essential and entertaining 25 minutes, you will get advice from mums who've been there, health care professionals, and a lactation consultant so that you can feel empowered.

What you'll love about the Breastfeeding with Bravado DVD:

  • Watch how to get a good latch by watching a new mum breastfeed while listening and learning to Heather Kelly (IBCLC)
  • Get the answers to those questions you've been dying to ask about from a pediatrician and mums who've been there
  • Learn the benefits of breastfeeding for both you and baby
  • Hear real mums share their breastfeeding experiences

Note: This DVD is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional. All DVD sales are final.  

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